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Cape Mining Supplies (PTY) Ltd is a Cape Town based business that has positioneditself as an alternative source of components to some OEM manufacturers. We have identified a number of products that are widely
regarded as becoming obsoletefor which we are an
alternative supply source.

We have formed strategic relationships with suitable manufacturers
to ensure that all products supplied are manufactured to the highest standards.. In addition to the above we are also a recognised distributor
for a number of component manufacturers..

It is common knowledge in the mining industry that a number of manufacturers of critical parts are subsidiaries of large conglomerates
that have no realistic competition and/or opposition in their respective markets.. In today's times you, the client, increasingly find yourself being dictated to by some of these OEM manufacturers.

Often these manufacturers dictate price and delivery of strategic
components, around which you have to plan your production and
maintenance schedules, essentially leaving the end-user at their mercy.

You then find yourself having to plan around their production
schedules or increase your stock levels of their components, which adds
to your cost.

In addition to this you are also at their mercy with regard to the life
cycle of specific items. Equipment/machines are often made redundant
due to "upgrades" even though the "older" product performs in a
predictable and cost effective manner. The upgrades are often
"cosmetic" with very little mechanical or production advantages.

These upgrades or "improvements" are also often brought about as
cost cutting exercises or "streamlining of product ranges" by the conglomerates whether it suits you or not!


Cape Mining Supplies is a company that will supply you with spare
parts where leading competitors wont. Instead of comepletely
changing you're equipment and system that works, we will
source/repair your machinary.

  • Hoses and Bends
    CMS supplies Hoses and Bends. Which includes end fittings.
  • Lorbrand Distributor
    LORBRAND has a large range of rollers to suit most conveying applications. This enables the customer to
    choose the most cost-effective alternative.
  • Performance Parts
    Various amounts of spare parts are available.
  • Pumps
    A large range of pumps are available for the routine pumping of non-abrasive and non-corrosive materials.
  • Rubber Sheeting and Lining
    CMS offers a full range of locally manufactured and cured and uncured sheeting, made to the highest technical specifications.
  • Screening Media
    Effective aggregate separation, across many screening applications, is both scientic and pragmatic, based on the particular screening circumstance.